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Getting into the arts – martial arts that is!

Martial arts for many become a way of life. The confidence, skills and fitness levels one achieves and the ability to feel in control but empowered is a hard habit to break, and who would want to?

At our academy we have been running all forms of martial arts classes, and our growing membership is seeing a great deal of women wanting to take up the arts after experiencing our free self defence classes. The self defence class provides every individual with a base set of skills and moves which will help them to defend themselves should they need to, but the desire to move on and learn more is extremely evident with our attendees. The stronger, fitter and more confident the individual becomes, the greater their ability will be to defend themselves and many women at the academy have now become very accomplished at a number of disciplines, having been that individual that entered the academy originally just looking for ways to fight off a potential perpetrator who wants to cause harm to them.

One of the biggest fears of women when coming to the academy is a feeling they lack strength, truly believing they don’t have the strength to fight off someone who wants to cause them harm.

What people don’t realise until they spend time with us is your strength will grow through training, however the skills you can learn don’t require any form of excessive strength. Timing, and speed of thought are key denominators in self defence, and being able to shock the attacker through your speed of thought along with a well-executed move, and for them to realise that you are not that seemingly weak looking person, you are a person who has a little more about them. That shock you instil buys you time and could prevent you coming to harm.

When someone attacks, they normally do because they feel they can take advantage of you and control the situation. Invariably they may see you initially as an easy option, and someone they can perpetrate their crime upon. A simple well-executed move will change all of that, it will completely change their perception of the situation in just one moment, and in most cases provide the individual with an opportunity to escape, or indeed the perpetrator will turn and carry themselves off in the opposite direction, cursing the thought they had thought you were that easy option. Most crimes are opportunistic, not thought through and mindsets can be changed very quickly indeed. The control you have over that person’s reaction is in your hands, and the confidence you gain from learning martial arts, will provide you with the confidence you need to shock and put off that perpetrator, and hopefully make them turn and run for the hills.

Break their conviction to buy you time!

Crime comes in all forms, and much of it is opportunistic with the ability to make the perpetrator run for the hills with your positive, confident reaction. However, the more violent of crimes are committed very often by those who are more vociferous and convicted with their actions. They are more determined to get the result they want. Self defence will help you here too, and your actions will always create a positive influence in regards to you having an element of control over the situation. This may not see the perpetrator running in the other direction but may give you the time needed to make your escape or attract others to help you.

If you are looking to explore self defence, and potentially take your skills on further by learning martial arts, get it contact with our team at the academy today and we can talk you through our classes.

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