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Judo Seminar – May 2011

Saturday 21st May saw the return of John Clarke and Collin Carrot to Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Chelmsford,¬†for a Judo seminar.

John Clarke and Collin Carrott are both highly graded Judoka under the IBF (International Budo Federation).

The seminar focused on the Nage-no-Kata, or ‘Forms of Throwing’ in English. The Nage-no-Kata is an important part of the Judo Dan grade¬†syllabus, made up of 15 throws demonstrated on both the left and right hand side.

John Clarke and Collin Carrott took time to break each throw down, ensuring accuracy of technique as well as correct etiquette.

Seminar participants all walked away with an increased knowledge of the Judo throwing set, in preperation for their upcoming gradings.