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Sifu Francis Fong Seminar – February 2013

February 21st-24th 2013 saw Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Chelmsford host Sifu Francis Fong on his second ever visit to the United Kingdom.

For this series of sessions, Sifu Fong focused on Wing Chun and Jun Fan Gung Fu.

The Thursday session focused on the details of the first Wing Chun Form, Sil Lim Tao, and the applications and reasons behind each of the moves.

For the Friday session, Sifu Fong worked through sensitivity drills, demonstrating the importance of structure and form.

Saturday began with some chain punches on the pads as a warm up. After which the session focused on trapping hand work.

After warming up with an elbow series, Sunday consisted of more sensitivity drills and trapping hands, before moving on to some Jun Fan Kickboxing combinations.

Thanks to Sifu Fong for again making the journey to the academy to give an inspirational weekend of seminars.

Please get in touch with academy reception for details of the next scheduled Sifu Fong UK seminar.