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Why women should look at self defence seriously!

Even to consider writing an article of this nature puts a very definite and rather blunt understanding that self defence is unfortunately an important consideration in today’s society where crime is generally rising in the form of domestic abuse and street crime. With the statistics around violet crime against women rising, the influx of women looking to learn about self defence is also rising, and we are certainly noticing an increase in women participants at our Kelvedon martial arts academy. Women now want to give themselves the skills and a level of confidence needed, so they can at the very least have some form of protection against potential perpetrators.

The statistics that require a positive reaction

To even focus on statistics of this nature can be rather sad and negative, but our role is to turn these statistics into a positive, and just maybe save even one person from harm in the future. The statistics demonstrate the need for woman to take self defence very seriously, and in 2015-16 the number of recorded violent crimes against women and girls rose by 10% with an annual figure of over 109,000 cases recorded by the CPS in just England and Wales alone. However, the CPS statistics don’t tell the full story, and in 2016 an estimated 2.0 million adults aged 16 to 59 stated they were victims of domestic abuse, with 1.03 million of these being recorded by the police, the majority being women.

Undoubtedly, crime is on the rise generally in the UK and we feel more and more vulnerable on our streets than ever before. Statistics and opinion that is certainly well documented in the media over the past few weeks.

These crime statistics are further demonstration of the need for individuals to explore and learn methods of self-preservation. In our opinion every woman in the UK should be considering self defence classes, and every woman has the ability to defend themselves very effectively with the right training.

Become the role model for the next generation

We tell our daughters they can do anything they want, and we are continually concerned about their safety on the streets. Empowering yourself with self defence skills sends a strong message to your children demonstrating that you as a person are willing to stand up and protect yourself. You and they become empowered by your actions and learning some basic effective moves should be something that is very much passed onto future generations. Heaven forbid, but there could even be a situation where you need the necessary self defence skills to protect you and your children.

Self-defence, its free at our Kelvedon academy

At Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy, we are launching FREE self defence classes for women in North Essex. Our classes are being launched to help women in region empower themselves through learning simple moves and techniques that will make a real difference should you find yourself in a difficult situation. Your personal security will be transferred greatly into your own hands once you have the necessary skills, and it could potentially buy you the time you need to escape from a situation, rather than being harmed.

‘Self defence using a variety of mixed martial arts moves are extremely effective, and our excellent classes will enable you to naturally think quickly and be effective when faced with a person who wants to cause you harm.’

We of course cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, but we know from our experience that providing that split second or moment through a defensive move may be all you need to make your escape away from potential harm. The classes we run focus on a series of basic moves that anyone can adopt, but also help you to understand what move to use if an attacker comes from the behind, in front or from the side. Each technique we teach provides an informed choice dependent upon the situation.

Our target is to teach 500 women in the area over the next year and maintain that level for years to come. Is it time for you now to make sure you can defend yourself?

If you want to find out more, contact us today at the centre, and we can talk you through the availability of our FREE self defence classes.

To enquire about your FREE session or book your place on our 4 week course click here