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Mike Allen

Laurence Sandum is a very dedicated martial artist and teacher who is rightfully earning a fine reputation in the martial arts field.  He continually seeks to develop himself and his staff to improve business, teaching and technical training skills. He and his staff attend every EFC Meeting including the famous EFC International Summit in the USA.  He travels frequently to the USA visiting top school owners and martial arts teachers seeking out the very best business and teaching practice. 

I have visited Laurence‚Äôs school and was honoured to be invited to one of his Graduation Ceremonies and I was very impressed by both.  I particularly noticed the mutual respect that students and staff had for each other and the enthusiasm that permeates throughout the school.  Laurence has created a centre for excellence for both personal development and technical martial arts skills, where the EFC core principles of Trustworthiness, Dependability and Rock Solid Integrity are truly applied.

Mike Allen
EFC UK General Manager
26th May 2011