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The benefits of Martial Arts!


Despite preconceptions Martial Arts are practiced by both sexes and from a very young age to retirement. The different types of Martial Arts we teach at our academy provide a great deal of choice. All disciplines are absolutely perfect to improve fitness and wellbeing. However, practicing Martial Arts provides a great deal moreā€¦

A total body workout: Martial arts provide a very high-aerobic workout, using every muscle and muscle group in your body. Continuous practice of the arts will see you improve your stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, strength and balance.

You will feel incredibly healthy: The total body experience with a martial arts workout means you will burn huge amounts of calories every time you take a class. Your natural eating signals become more regulated, and food cravings will disappear. The outcome is to eat less, and what you need to refuel your body.

Building self-confidence: Naturally Martial Arts helps you to set goals and build strong values around your training program. This is hugely beneficial in building self-confdence, allowing you to feel comfortable in any situation, whether you feel in danger or doing tasks that take you beyond your comfort zone. You will be able to accomplish more, and have the mindset to achieve more in your life.

Cardiovascular Health: Martial Arts provides a superb controlled environment to stress your heart, which in turn improves cardiovascular health.

Losing weight: Most people take up exercise to lose weight and feel better about themselves. The intensity of Martial Arts is excellent for fat burn, and taking regular classes can see a significant change in your body shape.

Improves your reflexes: One of the key advantages over many other forms of exercise is how Martial Arts can improve your reflexes. You will experience fast reaction times during any activities, and create a greater senses of control.

It builds focus: Greater control means you will become more focused, and more aware of situations or events happening around you. You will be able to give greater focus to the tasks you carry out not just in classes, but also in everyday life.

Morals and values: One of the big reasons we see many children coming to classes at our academy is because of Martial Arts ability to teach kids morals and values. The same can be said for all participants. You become less impulsive and aggressive towards other people. More patient and able to consider others through improved control, with the ability to see things more clearly.

Improved muscle tone: Martial Arts is incredibly efficient at improving the muscle mass you have in your body. A higher level of muscle mass means your metabolic demands will be higher, and you naturally burn more calories each day. This helps to prevent obesity and promote weight loss. Your agility improves greatly, and for those who take up Martial Arts later in life, this is especially positive.

Control your moods: Modern day life is a test for us all, and regular exercise is proven to control how we feel, and our moods. Martial Arts with its emphasis on control is especially beneficial, and a superb way to relieve stress and frustration. It helps you release endorphins which will be active in your body for as much as four hours after exercise.

Practicing Martial Arts will give you everything a gym provides, but a great deal more in regards to control, confidence and wellbeing!